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We fight for children's rights

Save the Children Sweden is a non-governmental organization. The basis of our work is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the United Nations' Declaration on Human Rights. These build on the principles that all people are equal, children have special rights and everyone has a responsibility - but governments have a special obligation.

Our rights perspective means that we emphasis that States have the overall responsibility, but that all people can contribute to children having their rights fulfilled. We believe that children themselves can also fight for their rights, if they are given the chance to do so and if they receive support and encouragement.

We influence public opinion and support children at risk - in Sweden and in the world
We exert an influence on decision makers – from local authorities to the United Nations – to see to the best interests of the child. We arouse public opinion and spread knowledge about children's needs and rights and we exert an influence on legislation for the benefit of children. We support those children whose rights have been violated most.

Our vision is a world in which all children's rights are fulfilled
Save the Children Sweden works both in Sweden and in eight regions around the world, with its own work and in cooperation with other organizations. We support national projects and make use of people's own will to improve their situation. Save the Children Sweden works for:

a world which respects and values each child
a world which listens to children and learns
a world where all children have hope and opportunity

This is also the common vision of the International Save the Children Alliance that Save the Children Sweden is part of, together with 27 Save the Children organizations around the world. The Alliance works in 120 countries. Read more at the Alliance’s website.

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